96 Elephants

In an innovative collaboration, Mass Ideation joined forces with The Wildlife Conservation Society to introduce a unique project that merges cutting-edge technology with a powerful conservation message. Together, they unveiled augmented reality (AR) powered trading cards, designed to shed light on the poignant global campaign. Each card, beyond its striking visual appeal, comes to life when viewed through an AR lens, revealing captivating animations and insights about the majestic elephants and the urgent need for their protection. Through this immersive experience, users are not merely collecting cards but engaging in a poignant story about the pressing threats these magnificent creatures face every day.

These AR cards are not just tools of education, but also a call to action. By bridging the digital realm with the tangible, they capture the attention of both young and old, instilling a sense of wonder about the natural world and a fervent need to protect it. The backdrops of the cards encapsulate real-life scenarios, narratives, and statistics associated with the lives of the 96 elephants lost daily due to poaching and other threats. By offering a hands-on, interactive experience, Mass Ideation and The Wildlife Conservation Society aim to drive home the significance of the cause and inspire individuals to contribute to the campaign. Every card serves as a heartfelt invitation to join a global movement, advocating for the well-being of these gentle giants and ensuring their tales continue for generations to come.


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