In the dynamic realm of digital innovation, Mass Ideation has carved its niche as a beacon of creativity and technological advancement. Led by Miguel Sanchez, Mass Ideation, a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), has been synonymous with fostering a convergence of creativity, strategy, and technology. The NYC-based certified creative and technology innovation consultancy has a laudable track record of orchestrating world-class innovative experiences and nurturing startups. The essence of Mass Ideation lies in its unique ability to amalgamate minds in a collective ideation process, culminating in digital content and solutions that not only engage audiences but also significantly enhance brand recognition and loyalty.  

The venture with Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc. (DATI) exemplifies a step further in Mass Ideation's journey. DATI, being the pioneer in employing the Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model, aligns with Mass Ideation’s ethos of leveraging digital platforms to address challenges and create niche opportunities within the microcap and startup ecosystems. The PAI model, inspired by the global success of accelerators and incubators, provides a fertile ground for developing and acquiring innovations that hold the potential to solve problems through digital platforms and other electronic applications. Mass Ideation's proficiency in creating interactive and dynamic content, coupled with its expertise in mobile and digital customer activation tactics, finds a harmonious synergy with DATI’s objective of fostering digital solutions. This collaboration is poised to further the frontiers of how digital platforms can be utilized to solve real-world problems, bringing to the forefront a blend of art, technology, and strategy. Through this venture, Mass Ideation and DATI are not just creating a blueprint for digital innovation but are also contributing to a community-centric model of technological advancement. The collaboration is a testimony to Mass Ideation’s continuous evolution with the tide of technology, always aiming to deliver visceral experiences that resonate with the community. The journey with DATI is a reflection of Mass Ideation’s commitment to not only staying at the forefront of digital innovation but also contributing to a larger narrative of community-focused technological advancement. Together, Mass Ideation and DATI are set on a path of exploring the uncharted terrains of digital solutions, with a vision to create a ripple of positive impact through the fusion of creativity and technology.


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