AR Hide & Seek

As seasons change and festivities beckon, Mass Ideation took a leap into blending traditional festivities with modern technology through the creation of the AR Hide & Seek app, enhancing the age-old tradition of Easter Egg Hunt with a splash of Augmented Reality (AR). The project aimed to encapsulate the joy and excitement of Easter in a digital realm, making it accessible and thrilling in a new, innovative way. As families across the globe celebrated Easter and Passover, Mass Ideation unveiled an opportunity to engage in an AR Easter Egg Hunt, a modern twist to a cherished tradition. By leveraging AR technology, Mass Ideation created a unique gaming experience that could evoke the spirit of Easter in a contemporary, interactive medium, allowing users to enjoy a virtual egg hunt right through their iOS devices.

The AR Hide & Seek app, meticulously developed by the team at Mass Ideation, showcased how augmented reality could breathe new life into traditional festivities. Through the app, users could hide and seek virtual eggs in real-world surroundings, providing a blend of physical and digital excitement. The app represented a marriage between tradition and technology, enabling families to celebrate Easter in a novel and engaging manner despite any constraints that might prevent a traditional outdoor egg hunt. The initiative not only exhibited Mass Ideation's prowess in AR development but also its ability to create meaningful, enjoyable experiences that resonate with cultural and festive sentiments. Through the AR Hide & Seek app, Mass Ideation opened up a realm where tradition met innovation, offering a fresh, exciting way to celebrate a timeless tradition.


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