Kids Choice Awards

Embarking on a venture with Nickelodeon and Capri Sun, Mass Ideation took creativity to a novel frontier by developing a mobile app to promote the Kids Choice Awards through the magic of augmented reality (AR). The project revolved around a whimsical idea: a temporary tattoo acting as the catalyst to a digital adventure. When scanned using the app, the tattoo unfurled a world of interactive entertainment right on the user's mobile device. This innovative approach was aimed not just at promoting the event, but at crafting an engaging, immersive experience that kids could delight in. The app was meticulously designed to generate random quizzes, display various videos, and trigger playful 3D animations, each time the tattoo was scanned, ensuring a fresh, enjoyable experience with every interaction.

The symbiotic collaboration between Mass Ideation, Nickelodeon, and Capri Sun demonstrated a perfect meld of creativity, technology, and branding. Mass Ideation’s expertise in augmented reality was pivotal in bringing this imaginative campaign to life. The technical intricacies of AR were seamlessly handled to ensure a smooth, engaging user experience, whilst aligning with the playful and vibrant brand identities of Nickelodeon and Capri Sun. This project not only showcased the promotional potential of AR but illustrated how interactive technology can be harnessed to create memorable, enjoyable experiences that resonate with the young audience. Through this innovative campaign, Mass Ideation helped manifest a digital playground that extended beyond the screen, fostering an interactive connection between the audience, the event, and the brands involved.


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