Ursinus College

In a progressive endeavor to enhance student recruitment for Ursinus College, Mass Ideation conceived and developed an Augmented Reality (AR) app, introducing a fresh, interactive dimension to the college's outreach efforts. The initiative aimed to bridge the information gap between the college and prospective students by providing an immersive, engaging platform through which they could explore the offerings of Ursinus College in a dynamic, virtual environment. By leveraging AR technology, the project intended to render a vivid, interactive portrayal of the college's environment, academic programs, and community ethos. This innovative approach sought to transcend the limitations of traditional brochures and website browsing, offering a more tangible, engaging insight into the life and opportunities awaiting at Ursinus College.

The AR app curated by Mass Ideation not only demonstrated the potential of augmented reality in education sector outreach but also showcased a deep understanding of the modern-day student's interactive digital engagement preferences. Through the app, prospective students could virtually step into the college's environment, explore academic offerings, and get a feel of the campus culture, all from the comfort of their homes. This interactive recruitment tool significantly enriched the informational and experiential aspect of college exploration for students, making the decision-making process more informed and enjoyable. The project exemplified Mass Ideation's capacity to innovatively employ AR technology in addressing real-world challenges, in this case, making college recruitment a more interactive, engaging, and effective venture. Through the Ursinus College AR app project, Mass Ideation underscored the transformative potential of AR in bridging institutional outreach and prospective student engagement in a digitally evolving educational landscape.


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